Douglas Alvarez – Art and Cake

Coffee Shop

What does a day in your art practice look like?
When not dealing with graphic design projects, I start my mornings working on the painting on my easel. Like clockwork, coffee brews, LoFi music plays, and I pick up where I left off the night before. If I’m between paintings or feeling uninspired, I hop on my bike and grab a camera. I scour for inspiration in my surroundings—architecture, urban animals, nature, random folks, and common objects. Photography is a source of influence over the work.

Sometimes, when working on an installation, I’ll spend the day searching eBay and meeting Craigslist sellers. I might end up driving all day collecting items that will shake up my daily art practice. It’s all part of the process.

Love Above

What would life be like without art?
Yikes! If I didn’t make a living painting and working in graphic design, I would need a new source of income. Graphic design pays the bills, but it’s also an artistic expression. Life would be challenging, and I would have to find another career I’m passionate about—maybe a park ranger or a wanderer.

Good Luck

What is the hardest part of creating your art?
The toughest part for me is figuring out what to paint. It can drag on for days. Sometimes, I end up just staring at a blank canvas. Inspiration is everywhere, but getting motivated to paint something can be challenging for me. I can’t automatically start a new piece without a spark of passion.


If you had the chance to live during a different artistic movement other than now, which one would you choose? and why?
Living as an artist in New York during the early 80s sounds exciting. I might be romanticizing this Neo-expressionist movement, but it seems like a time when the art world was open to ideas and opportunities, and I think I would’ve enjoyed it.

Studio Shot

What are your words of wisdom for someone starting out in your field?
Find what excites you and use it to fuel your work. Let your creative process be flexible, letting ideas develop naturally. By staying connected to what inspires you, art will continually be a source of satisfaction.

IG: @douglas_alvarez_art

The Next Level Installation #2 at bG Gallery