MY MILKSHAKE BRINGS EVERYONE TO THE YARD Resin Figure by Creation Crib – Bottleneck Gallery

This Friday, Creation Crib’s milkshake brings EVERYONE to the yard.

Inspired by the infamous fast food mascot king and meme, we’ve worked with Creation Crib on a juicy figure of the purple sensation. Creation Crib has created a hilarious, yet sensual, figure design that we’re so happy to release. This figure was meticulously crafted to bring people to the yard or your money back (we’re just joking, all purchases are final)!

The Milkshake resin figure will be available for purchase on Friday (8/11) @ 12PM ET on our homepage,! 



My Milkshake Brings Everyone To The Yard by Creation Crib
Hand-painted resin statue
8 inches tall
Numbered hologram
Limited edition of 150